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PIVOT Folio for iPad Mini 1-3 (No Case)

PIVOT Folio for iPad Mini 1-3 (No Case)
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PIVOT Folio for iPad Mini 1-3 (No Case)
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The PIVOT removable folio is a virtually instantaneous way to convert from personal use to mounted viewing for EFB use. The folio is conveniently equipped with multiple viewing angles when using outside of the cockpit. When closed and in transit, it provides robust screen protection from incidental impact. It also provides additional drop protection for front side drops as it tends to absorb most of the impact forces and then is backed up by the hard shell of the case body.

The folio removal and installation process is simple and efficient. You will be confident that your device will be protected in transit, and it will perform admirably for personal use during down time on trips.

Folio Features:

  • Auto On/Off Folio – This higher quality "Version 2" Folio features turned edge construction and welded edges on the connector which will enhance performance and lifespan.
  • The Folio continues to incorporate auto on/off of the device upon open and close.
  • When the user completely opens the folio, it will magnetically hold to the back of the case.

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